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How anti-climactic!

German police called in a bomb squad at a small gambling establishment after hearing suspicious sounds originating from a trash bin.

However it turns out the odd item making the humming noise was a sex toy!

On Tuesday, a staff member at a gaming hall in the little town of Halberstadt signaled authorities after hearing a “odd humming noise” originating from the trash can in the men’s bathroom.

According to reports, authorities evacuated about 90 people from the company and neighboring structures and closed off the street prior to hiring the pros.

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3 explosive experts with the state bomb team were hired to investigate the ringing sound —– but no explosives were discovered.

Rather, the bomb squad found a battery-powered vibrating penis ring was the source of the noise —– so, a different device that makes things blow up & hellip; Ha!

Officials noted the echos from the metal garbage can made the ring’s excellent vibrations especially loud, which is why it sounded so worrying to the staff member.

We’re happy this ended in a hilarious sex toy mixup instead of yet another ravaging misfortune.

But the real question is who would throw away a perfectly excellent dick ring without having the decency to turn it off!?

[Image via Polizeirevier Harz/Focus.]

Find out more: http://perezhilton.com/2016-04-06-bomb-scare-vibrating-cock-ring-germany-casino

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